I want to discuss development procedures and rules for how things are done in our Git repository and development in general.

This post is currently a place holder and I will add to it as we flesh things out in the discussion.

Please add your ideas and replies to this and I will edit this first post with the fruits of our discussion.


Posting to this Forum

First, welcome to the development forums and thanks for your interest in helping make osCmax better.

Next, I want to outline how to post in this forum. Make sure when you post, select a prefix to categorize what your post is about. If your post doesn't fit any of the Prefix categories, consider posting to another forum first or select the best fit.

The prefix categories and what they mean are :
  • [Bug Report] - report a bug in the 'develop' branch only. For bugs in the 'master' release submit to Jira bug tracker.
  • [Bug Fixed] - Change status of bug report when fixed in 'develop' branch
  • [Procedures] - Development procedures
  • [Dev How-To] - Tutorials for developers. Share your knowledge or learn new tricks.
  • [Git/BitBucket] - Specific to git/bitbucket, questions, problems, help
  • [Workflow] - Describing osCmax development workflow and correct way of doing things and how best to get your code into the project.
  • [Feature] - Feature requests, feature development discussion
  • [Docs] - Working in Confluence, writing documentation, what is missing, needed, updates, etc.

When you make a new post in this forum, at the very top of the post section is a dropdown with a list of the above prefixes. You must select one or the forum will not let you post. Make sure you stay on topic and select an appropriate prefix. I would like to keep the discussion here limited to those topics, but if you think we need another prefix, please suggest it below in the replies.

When discussing specific development details, coding, etc, if there is already an issue report or a commit in bitbucket, reference it so we can all quickly look up what you are referring to.