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07-22-2007, 08:30 AM
Product Inventory Editor, v1.0 (final release)
Rodney Sparks, RS Autosport - http://www.rs-autosport.com

This mod adds an item to the catalog menu of the admin panel. It consists of an interface that works with your "products" and "products_description" tables. It provides a listing of part number and product name for all items in the database, and has an editable field (containing the current value) both for that product's weight and its inventory level. This way, weights and stock levels can be updated much more quickly than with Easy Populate. Additionally, there is a search box into which a substring can be entered in order to narrow down the listing of products on the page. I had this mod done to my site in order to allow me to quickly update inventory levels when I receive product, and it has proven to be most helpful.

I paid to have this mod done on getafreelancer.com. It was done by "rajinfosolu", a freelancer who works from that site, and I recommend his work. If you want a modification done to this, please contact him on getafreelancer.com, because I can't help you!

One limitation that I know of is this: When you open the inventory editor page, the stock level form fields are all populated with the current stock levels. When the "update" button is pressed, it updates the database with all of those values, not just the ones that have changed. If a purchase has gone through on the site while you're editing this page, any change to stock levels will be overwritten when the "update" button is pressed. In other words, work quickly!

Installation instructions and a screenshot are included in the zip file.

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