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07-19-2007, 06:01 PM
This mod will add the ability to add PRE and POST text to your titles and descriptions and also a REFID to your URL.
I used the REFID with the OSC affiliate mod to do product tracking. Set up an affiliate account for each website, ie froogle, yahoo etc..
The pre and post title and description text is useful for adding text that may be needed when viewed by buyers on feeder sites, but would be out of place on your actual website. I use this for coupon codes to attract buyers.

I have also added the ability to make the feeder files that are created clickable so you can view them easier.
I have added a sql file for easy upgrades.
I have only changed froogle_us.php, froogle_uk.php, and froogle_de.php as it is the only feeder I use, but you should be able to use these changes in any other feeder files with minimal effort.

Example: If your actual title is, Flamingo. With my pre and post text mod you could make it show as, Pink Flamingo Accessories. The Word pink is your PRE title word, and Accessories is your POST title word. The pre and post title and description adds will be on ALL of the items in your feeder files, so be sure it makes sense to add them to all your items.

This mod is based on the contribution "Automated Store Feeds v3.3b" and all previous credit should be give to everyone that helped with its creation. I simply added some adjustments and improvements to allow features I needed and I thought would be helpful to others.

Please view the readme file for more info.

Screenshots are included in the zip file for the configure screen and the clickable feeder file.

I Use this mod on www.azcustomshirts.com and it works great.

More... (http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,4455)