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07-17-2007, 01:30 PM
17/07/2007 v1.4beta1 (ropu)
- Refactor new-order-notification handling
- Merged the GC return page with the OSC default one, checkout_success.php
used as continue-shopping URL. Buyer will return with his logged in to OSC
- Digital Delivery support
- Support Google Refunds and Cancellations
- Fixed GC Invoicing issue, items will be added to the order details
- If the customers e-mail address already exists in OSC then add the
order placed to their account instead of creating a new customer
- If the GC exits in OSC but uses a different email then add the
order placed to their account instead of creating a new customer.
- Check if new customers have and activate newsletters
- OT tax support
- Existing OSC customer accounts are updated when GC orders processed
- No more need to know admin folders name
- Add GC Module Version Control to avoid mix of configured and installed modules errors
- Moved Shipping quotes definition from includes/modules/payment/googlecheckout.php
to googlecheckout/shipping_methods.php
- Added OSC Order# to the GC Order when state changes from Pending to Processing
- Added index.html to googlecheckout/* dirs.
- Upgraded to use OSCommerce v2.2RC1

06/20/2007 v1.4 apha (ropu)
- Refactor all code using PHP Sample Code as the base library (under googlecheckout/library)
- Handles Logging, added log levels (error, request, response)
- Configuration from UI (comming soon), needed??
- Handles Basic authentication, add support for IIS (See TROUBLESHOOTING)
- Handles all XML parsing and building (New xml parsed used)
- Added OT support (low order fees, group discounts and any other custom OT module)
- feedback needed. Calculating tax for this, still an issue.
- Add warning messages when GC button is disabled.
- Add stack message in Admin UI with GC orders state changes and errors
- Added configuration to also use OSC email system for GC orders
- Added shipping generator (googlecheckout/shiping_generator/) (optional)
- Added a metric tester for shipping times feedback (optional)
- Added 3rd party tracking
- Added a coustom Continue shopping url with GC bought items.
- Moved logs to a .htacces protected dir (googlecheckout/logs)
- Added Correct HTTP status (2xx, 4xx, 5xx) return when errors occurrs with the correct message
- All strings are defined in the language include (only english right now)
- Use DEFAULT_CURRENCY as the currency in GC cart, not buyers session one
- Added version number to all files
- Added GC Module Installed and Configured Version check.

More... (http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,4556)