View Full Version : Hello from Northampton, Massachusetts

07-17-2007, 05:31 AM
I'm glad to see that this forum has grown so large and with such a robust community. My name is Sean Rice. I own Rasa Design Studio at http://rasadesign.com and we've been working on a XHTML/CSS tableless rewrite of osCommerce for quite a while. With three new clients launching their sites, soon, we were asked why we wen't rewriting osCMax the same way.... not sure how much interest people have in that or if it hadn't already been done.

Our business model is that we do the rewrite, offer it as a service for enough time to recoup our investment in the project, then offer it to the community as a free download while we already have an established portfolio of clients that use it.

Interested in the feedback and whether that model meshes with the community culture of osCMax.