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07-15-2007, 05:58 PM
OSC_Expeditor v2.1 by milerwan

**** English ****
Allows the data export of a list of orders for the edition of labels of forwarding by the Expeditor I-NET software of the French Post

**** French *****
Permet l'exportation des données d'une liste de commandes en vue de l'édition d'étiquettes d'expédition par le logiciel Expeditor I-NET de La Poste (FRANCE)

From original OSC_Expeditor_process.php by Gnidhal v2.0
Inspired by batch-invoice-printing-v1.1 by PandA.n1

Minor code keept from India Starker 29/03/07 :
--> No error for city_name input with "'"

Improvements for v2.1 by milerwan 15/07/07 :
- French and english versions available
- Optimized display in admin/orders.php
- Export for sticker display optimized in admin/OSC_Expeditor_process.php :
--> Expeditor I-NET : No empty line even in case of delivery['company']

This is complete package.
Enjoy. ;)

Thanks to visit osCommerce-fr forum to understand the advantages of this contribution and take part of its improvement :

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