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07-10-2007, 11:01 AM
I am not endorsing or recommending any other method of checkout.

But I am advising against using google checkout!

I'm assuming that professionalism is important to you.

With this in mind, the problem lies here:

1. No live customer support.
2. Very lengthy waits for support.
3. Very obsure answers that don't answer your questions.

What seems to happen is this:
You have your client make payment via google checkout.

Everyone assumes all went well.

You then get a notice that Google has "Cancelled" the order due to "Possible Fraud".

What then? Do you tell your client this?
How can it be the clients fault if 1 invoice was just processed for $1000 but the one for $5000 was labeled "Fraudulent"?

Bottom line, it seems that Google wants to be in the business of processing money, but if there is any risk at all, they simply say that the transaction seems "Fraudulent".

Note: I've been using Google checkout since its introduction. I've processed thousands and thousands of dollars with them previously.
The sad part is that it only takes one bad experience to affect your business.
This last experience involved a very successful doctor, who had an invoice for an amount that Google must not of been comfortable with.

Instead of just letting me know this, they put me and my client in a very embarrassing position.

My clients must and will always come first!

Take from this what you will, and use at your own risk!

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