View Full Version : Switch between Inc. and Ex. TAX

07-10-2007, 04:20 AM
To add this button:

1. download the button and rename it to .gif

2. Put it in:
(or swedish or sv-se depending on what you have called your swedish language dir)

3. edit your svenska.php in /catalog/includes/languages to add this text just before the ?>:
// switching vat
define('SWITCHING_VAT_INC', 'för privatpersoner');
define('SWITCHING_VAT_EX', 'för företag');
define('SWITCHING_VAT_DISPLAYED', 'Priserna är:');
define('SWITCHING_VAT_CHANGE_TO_EX', 'Visa pris utan moms');
define('SWITCHING_VAT_CHANGE_TO_INC', 'Visa pris för privatpersoner istället');

And you are done!

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