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06-19-2007, 03:35 AM
CHANGES Version 1.1
************************************************** ************************
- Created the missing new button in the admin area.
- Fixed problem in admin area: county would be erased when editing in the admin area or would not be inserted when creating a new zip tax
- Added ability in the admin area to edit the tax rate and apply it to all zip codes that belong to a certain county for easier updating when new tax rates come out
- Updated the zip code tax rate data to the latest tax rates given by New York State June 1, 2007.

************************************************** ********************************
Instead of editing every single zip code you can easily edit the tax rate for every zip code in a county in one step.
For the updated tax rates I rounded up the hundreths place so 8.623 would be 8.63. If I had time I would have made
the county a drop down list when editing the tax rate for all zips in a county. That way you dont have to go from page
to page untill you find the next county to edit. Maybe in the future.

Henry C. Weismann IV

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