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05-30-2007, 12:12 PM
Lokad Sales Forecasting for osCommerce

Version: 2.0.4
Release date: 2007-05-30
Support: [email protected]

Get sales forecasting reports integrated in your osCommerce application.

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-- Version 2.0.4
-- released 2007-05-30
-- based on complete rewrite by Aymeric Augustin


2007-05-29 [augustin] Bug fixed in the time-serie aggregation.


2007-05-15 [augustin] Fix boundary condition for the most recent values.
2007-05-14 [augustin] Rewrite of MockSalesProvider to improve testing abilities.
2007-05-14 [augustin] Build the name of the time-series from product_id.


2007-05-09 [vermorel] Updated WS URLs to match the Lokad WS migration.
2007-05-08 [augustin] Bug fixed in time-serie aggregation.
2007-04-24 [augustin] Fixed ambiguous display for monthly forecasts.


2007-04-18 [augustin] Readme cleaned-up
2007-04-18 [augustin] Bug fixed: aggregation function.
2007-04-18 [augustin] Bug fixed: PHP warnings removed.
2007-04-18 [augustin] Include the WSDL in the package instead of downloading it.


2007-04-17 [augustin] Code rewrite completed
- improves architecture
- improves performance
- consistent error checking and reporting
- code is commented
- several implementation details corrected

2007-04-17 [augustin] Forecasts returned by Lokad start right after last upload date.
2007-04-17 [augustin] Display all products, including those that have no associated forecasting task.
2007-04-17 [augustin] Improved display performance through paged SQL request.
2007-04-16 [augustin] Improved messages to explain plugin actions.
2007-04-16 [augustin] Correct data aggregation for sales data display.
2007-04-16 [augustin] SKU is now included in the reporting panel.
2007-04-16 [augustin] Documentation added for TimeSeries handling in the plugin.
2007-04-16 [augustin] Bug fixed: product names are no longer uploaded to Lokad.
2007-04-16 [augustin] Lokad databases upgraded to facilitate data manipulation.
2007-04-16 [augustin] Bug fixed: no more possible SQL injection through product names.
2007-04-16 [augustin] WSDL is cached on disk.
2007-04-15 [augustin] WSDL is loaded on demand.
2007-04-15 [augustin] Merging TimeSeries and Forecasts; Forecasts disappear.
2007-04-15 [augustin] Bug fixed for multi-lingual websites (SQL query issue).
2007-04-15 [augustin] Bug fixed for period_start setting.
2007-04-14 [augustin] allow_url_fopen = true at install time (otherwise NuSoap won't work).
2007-04-14 [augustin] Download and authentication error reporting improved.
2007-04-13 [augustin] Massive PHP refactoring: splitting common.php in 6 files.
2007-04-12 [augustin] .htaccess protection replaces custom password.
2007-04-11 [augustin] Fixed issue 1695132, when catalog contains exactly 1 product.
2007-04-10 [augustin] Using 3-letters for Months instead of numbers (less ambiguous).
2007-04-09 [augustin] Using tag for improved compatibility.

-- Version 1.0
-- released 2007-03-15
-- based on initial work by Pavel Boiko


2007-03-25 [augustin] NuSoap issue fixed to ensure PHP5 compatibility.


2007-03-20 [augustin] The WS url is now configurable from the admin section.
2007-03-20 [augustin] Improving various feedback and error messages.
2007-03-20 [augustin] Removing the checkbox "Display forecasts" (was useless).


2007-03-20 [vermorel] Re-packaging because the file ReadMe.html was not included in the first release.


2007-03-15 Initial release.

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