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05-28-2007, 01:18 AM
This is a complete download package for Admin Summary Info v1.1

The "Admin Summary Info" contribution is designed to display usefull shop information directly in the header of your admin page. With the "Admin Summary Info" contribution you can quickly monitor how many orders you have received along with their status, number of customers, reviews, total sales, and even how many users and or bots are currently online exploring and shopping at your oscommerce store. This contribution was developed to put some of the most commonly needed day to day data within a single clicks reach to save time while adminstrating your site.

The update to v1.1 includes the following enhanced features:
Displayed "whos online summary" has been enhanced in v1.1 to distinguish the total guests, total bots and total customers / members. This feature will work automatically if you have already installed the whos online enhancement [url]. If the whos online enhancement is not already installed on your site this feature will downgrade gracefully and only display total guests and total customers online.

Displaying order totals ($) for each order status. This feature will provide all currencies in the total. For example [$500.00, IDR 150,000.00].

All the original features of Admin Summary Info v1.0 are included in v1.1 as well....including the following:
Display how many orders you currently have in total, plus how many you received today and order status grouping counts.

Also includes links directly to each order status used on your site to transporting you to your desired order status pages.

Display how many customers you have in total, and how many signed up today, along with with an embedded link to take you directly to your customers.php page.

Display how many users are currently online exploring your shop with an embedded link to whos_online.php

Display how many product reviews you have received to date, as well as today, with an embedded link to your reviews admin page.

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