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04-30-2007, 10:48 AM
As a fellow user of oscmax and finding it hard and harder to get clients to the my shop i come up with a good idea i have put this into motion already as well I have purchased and setup product comparsion site and if anyone is interested come and join in the idea here is we have created website called bargainshack.co.uk and I would like all UK shop owners to join bargainshack and list there product for free for ever and that is a promise all i ask is put a banner box or banner link on your website the idea free banner free product listings then all we do is compete with each other on product sales with out costing us a penny on PPC clicks ads.

I would like this to be world wide so if anybody lives in another country and would like to do the same thing for there own country zone i can just create sub domain and you can run another version.

Idea excepted what do you all think.

just pop of to Bargain Shack Shopping Price Comparison Store Bargain Shack Product Reviews (http://www.bargainshack.co.uk/contact.php) and fill out the form and i do the rest via some nice cron scripts.


05-02-2007, 11:37 AM
This is a damn good idea to promote uk shops , once i get my site up and running i will definaly be using that site.

p.s i want to also you do some fanastic work with the Oscmax mods , keep it up!

Thanks! :)