View Full Version : Hey Mikey!

04-27-2007, 05:29 AM
How about decreasing the search string minimum characters per keyword to two? It would make it a lot easier on us forum fisherman searching for topics that contain acronyms such as UPS, XML, PHP, etc etc etc...

If not, I won't be mad at ya...I love OSCMax :D

04-27-2007, 06:15 AM
I think 3 would be the min. But maybe he has it at 4. 2 is too server intensive and would result in too many items return. Try 2 or more words. Like "UPS SHIPPING" or "+UPS +SHIPPING"....

04-27-2007, 06:28 AM
I guess you're right...It just seemed like the search function would just disregard any of the 3 character words or acronyms I had in a search phrase, but I am wrong.

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