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04-21-2007, 06:52 AM
Get daily / weekly / monthly sales forecasts for all your osCommerce products.

If you keep too much inventory, your expenses go up. But if you reduce too much, you have nothing to sell. Sales forecasting is a key of eCommerce profitability.

The delivered forecasts are purely statistical and rely on the collaborative forecasting technology of Lokad. This technology enhances the forecast accuracy even if the amount of input data is low.


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Intructions to deploy the PHP package

Support email: [email protected]

Note: this contribution is roughtly equivalent to the contribution
Yet, the present contribution is a PHP package whereas the contribution 4950 was a stand-alone Windows Application.

-- Version 2.0.1
-- released 2007-04-21
-- based on complete rewrite by Aymeric Augustin


2007-04-18 [augustin] Readme cleaned-up
2007-04-18 [augustin] Bug fixed: aggregation function.
2007-04-18 [augustin] Bug fixed: PHP warnings removed.
2007-04-18 [augustin] Include the WSDL in the package instead of downloading it.


2007-04-17 [augustin] Code rewrite completed
- improves architecture
- improves performance
- consistent error checking and reporting
- code is commented
- several implementation details corrected

2007-04-17 [augustin] Forecasts returned by Lokad start right after last upload date.
2007-04-17 [augustin] Display all products, including those that have no associated forecasting task.
2007-04-17 [augustin] Improved display performance through paged SQL request.
2007-04-16 [augustin] Improved messages to explain plugin actions.
2007-04-16 [augustin] Correct data aggregation for sales data display.
2007-04-16 [augustin] SKU is now included in the reporting panel.
2007-04-16 [augustin] Documentation added for TimeSeries handling in the plugin.
2007-04-16 [augustin] Bug fixed: product names are no longer uploaded to Lokad.
2007-04-16 [augustin] Lokad databases upgraded to facilitate data manipulation.
2007-04-16 [augustin] Bug fixed: no more possible SQL injection through product names.
2007-04-16 [augustin] WSDL is cached on disk.
2007-04-15 [augustin] WSDL is loaded on demand.
2007-04-15 [augustin] Merging TimeSeries and Forecasts; Forecasts disappear.
2007-04-15 [augustin] Bug fixed for multi-lingual websites (SQL query issue).
2007-04-15 [augustin] Bug fixed for period_start setting.
2007-04-14 [augustin] allow_url_fopen = true at install time (otherwise NuSoap won't work).
2007-04-14 [augustin] Download and authentication error reporting improved.
2007-04-13 [augustin] Massive PHP refactoring: splitting common.php in 6 files.
2007-04-12 [augustin] .htaccess protection replaces custom password.
2007-04-11 [augustin] Fixed issue 1695132, when catalog contains exactly 1 product.
2007-04-10 [augustin] Using 3-letters for Months instead of numbers (less ambiguous).
2007-04-09 [augustin] Using tag for improved compatibility.

-- Version 1.0
-- released 2007-03-15
-- based on initial work by Pavel Boiko


2007-03-25 [augustin] NuSoap issue fixed to ensure PHP5 compatibility.


2007-03-20 [augustin] The WS url is now configurable from the admin section.
2007-03-20 [augustin] Improving various feedback and error messages.
2007-03-20 [augustin] Removing the checkbox "Display forecasts" (was useless).


2007-03-20 [vermorel] Re-packaging because the file ReadMe.html was not included in the first release.


2007-03-15 Initial release.

More... (http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,4970)