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04-16-2007, 06:02 PM
April 16, 2007

Why are we using osCMax?

For about 2-1/2 years, we've been planning an online presence.

I started with an straight osCommerce install on another host. When I used their panel to perform an upgrade, I got errors. I re-installed, then upgraded, then got errors again. Help Desk said that the upgrade really shouldn't be performed. What?!?
I started looking at contributions I needed to install and, in talking further with the help desk, was told that I could go grab another version if I could self-install.
I saw the list of features in the existing version of osCMax and the list of upcoming features, so I thought it would be easier to switch to osCMax and AABox.com than to stay with the host I was at.

We had a stealth launch of our second site OhioBeads.com - Bulk Jewelry Chain, Jewelry Making Supplies, Clasps, Toggles, Findings, Filigrees : Welcome to OhioBeads.com (http://www.OhioBeads.com) in the wee hours of April 2nd. Its a Power account with osCMax 2 RC 3.01 plus a couple of mods for Price Break, AntiRobot Registration, etc.

OhioBeads.com is an online merchant for bulk jewelry chain, jewelry findings, charms, chandeliers, filigrees, lampwork and other jewelry-making products. We're currently at 89 products, with more to be added later tonight.

We're located in Mason, Ohio, a Cincinnati suburb.

I'm in my 40s. Married with two kids. Been running a bead shop for 4 years after a past work history that includes plant management, industrial consulting, retail distribution support, packaging and conveyor engineering support, software consulting, and office management.

We had our first customer today. Sweet!

So much for the celebration. Back to work now.

Paul Brandon
(argentbeads is the first domain name with osCMax.)