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03-22-2007, 10:50 AM
March 2007

This contrib causes OSC to dump out a text file with delivery address data when a customer confirms their order. The output conforms with the PSS address import specification. The data exported is in comma delimited format and one file is generated per order.

Install is one step, very easy, non-intrusive. Change required to one file (checkout_process.php).

The files generated are sequenced by file name.


where XXXX is the order id (as recorded in OSCommerce). This file is then stored in a local temporary directory that you can specify directly in the code.

The Purolator terminal can be configured to ftp into the website, grab the file(s), and import the addresses. This operation can be scheduled so that as orders are received, the addresses are imported. In our configuration, we had the terminal FTP into our site every 15 minutes.
Work with your local purolator technical rep to set this up.

This contrib is use at your own risk - but it has served us well for several months with no issues. Our set up was for Canadian delivery destinations only and has worked flawlessly. If you intend to deliver to US/international destinations - the correctness of the code has NOT been tested at all.

Support is provided on a best effort basis only only.

Paul Yip
Contrib Author
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