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03-10-2007, 08:50 PM
-Changed the way data is handled before being sent to the database by utilizing both tep_db_input and tep_db_prepare_input due to problems associated with using just one or the other
-Added a whole new case to handle the new order emails to allow for updating the order and sending a new email in one step
-Rolled the necessary code from admin/edit_orders_email.php into admin/edit_orders.php
-Added JavaScript code to change displayed stock levels "on the fly" as product quantities are changed
-Added additional checkboxes for sending a new order email, one checkbox next to each update button
-Added JavaScript code so that all three email checkboxes will check and uncheck together
-Fixed the HTML for the Payment Method box to correct bug where Payment Method table would resize depending on which payment method was chosen
-Incorporated the use of tep_html_oe_no_quote in the tooltips to avoid problems caused by special characters such as ' in the tips (my apologies to the French, but apostrophes break the tooltips)
-Corrected a number of small items in the HTML which were not valid HTML 4.01 Transitional
-Added three new functions to admin/includes/functions/oe_functions to allow for passing parameters when drawing checkboxes and radiobuttons
-Changed files: admin/edit_orders.php, admin/includes/languages/english/edit_orders.php, admin/includes/functions/oe_functions.php
-Deleted files: admin/edit_orders_email.php

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