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02-22-2007, 05:12 PM
So, I was working with osCommerce today, since that is my job. I get paid to work with osCommerce. Great, huh? Anyways, right now I'm putting in categories...upwards of 80 subcategories for the parent categories. Something I noticed was that the "Add Category" button was at the very bottom
of the categories.php page in the admin directory. This was not convenient since I was adding so many categories. Printed, some of them are6-9 pages long. Therefore, I copied the "Back", "Add Product", and "Add Category" buttons to the top of the table so that it would be easier to add
so many categories.

All you have to do is overwrite the current catalog/admin/categories.php file with this one.

Tested in oscommerce-2.2ms2-060817

Ashlee Hays

P.S. I'm a newbie with PHP, and still fairly new to osCommerce. Please be gentle with comments :)

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