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02-21-2007, 08:01 PM
This is a complete package. Screenshots included. See contribution package for complete abstract.

+ Added third image size for the product_info.php page so that now there
is a 3 image set to provide clear images without distortion. Image thumbnail
is displayed on product lists, medium size for Product Info page, and large
size for the popup. Each size is definable.
+ Added definable Image Description for Product images.
+ Added configuration options to allow several ways to display
the additional images including group with default image, display
images in a user defined number of rows and columns, and more.
+ Added the ability to automatically thumbnail images using php GD functions
when inserting and updating products.
+ Added image management that actively keeps track of images and
deletes them when products and images are removed from the database.
Yes, this includes all generated thumb images.
+ Added an image thumbnail menu on the popup that shows all images and the
option to not show this thumbnail menu. Similar to Amazon.com's image popup.
+ Added a sizing routine to size the popup to the size of the largest image
prior to dispaying it so when using the mouse-over display, the popup is
already sized to fit them all.
+ Added a utility to manage and regenerate thumbnails when you upload new images.
+ Added a database configuration manager for easy upgrades and settings resets.
+ Added thumbnail menu with mouse-over display for product page and popup.


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