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02-17-2007, 12:50 PM
+ Multi languages support (By standard OsCommerce behavior - finally)
+ Added some new languages (now IPU has: dutch, german, portugese, and english)
+ Added support for dynamic groups in IPU. Same behavior like OsCommerce's 'configuration'
+ Added 'Main page' editing support (by using the dynamic groups)
* Use default (english) language when people forgot to install their own language (this to avoid ugly define statements)
* Renamed and re-ordered the db table names - according Oscommerce style
* Completely checked and adjusted (where needed) the existing code
* Completely re-wrote the 'readme.txt' file
* Moved essential functions to a seperate file (functions/information.php), so adjustments would be kept small and clean
* Fixed behavior of the parent/child pulldown
* Made some cosmetic changes to the backend
- Removed article behavior of displaying childs next to heading (catalog)

NOTE: To old IPU users, please do a fresh install of IPU as the database layout hase changed dramatically

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