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02-15-2007, 07:44 PM
I have been running my OSc v2.2 shop for a year through my hosting company's shared SSL. My entire shop goes through their SSL, as to date I am under the impression that it is an all-or-none type situation. The down side to having my shop use their shared SSL, is that it has a funny-looking URL, which has nothing to do with my actual domain name (nor does it make sense either). I know for a fact that some people have been sceptical with buying from my shop, due to the weird-looking URL. However, I want to make sure that I provide a secure experience for my customers, and believe having SSL is important.
I am wonder how you folks deal with this situation. I am working towards migrating to an OSc Max 2.0 shop, and want to do things right the first time. My hosting company allows me to use their shared SSL for free, but charges $150 per year for an upgrade to a dedicated one. They do not allow third party SSL's, which is unfortunate as I have seen them advertised for a much lower cost. Is it possible/advisable to just use the shared SSL for the checkout piece?
Thanks in advance.

02-16-2007, 02:27 PM
It will cost you some sales using shared ssl. Some people don't really understand it, and will get freaked out by the change in url.

It is a small amount, but every little bit counts. Businesses should always have their own SSL cert.

$150 per year is not expensive really. Ask what warranty comes with it, etc. Also ask who provides the cert? Comodo? GeoTrust? Thawte/Verisign? The brand will influence the price.

If they do not allow you to use the cert of your choice, you really should consider another host, as that is unreasonable. It is after all, your business, and you should be the one making the decisions as to what certificate you use, not your hosting company.