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02-06-2007, 01:00 PM
- v1.3 -

* Bug fixed - catalog/create_account.php didn't log trans_phpbb session data into database after account creation form successfully submitted, which caused the new customer cannot login to forum, nor can he logout from store.
* Bug fixed - Posting new message prior to login would redirect users to the login form in the forum. Fixed phpbb2/login.php to redirect all login attempts to the osCommerce login page.
* Bug fixed - The login code in catalog/login.php came with the original phpbb2.0.8a integration contribution updated the user_session_time and user_lastvisit fields in phpbb_users table incorrectly, which caused the new posts icon not working properly. Fixed catalog/login.php not to use the correct time to update the user_lastvisit field, and not to update user_session_time on login. Now the new posts icon works.
* Bug fixed - catalog/logoff.php skipped to kill session if no data found in trans_phpbb table. Now it kills session no matter if the trans_phpbb session record exists or not.
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