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02-06-2007, 01:51 AM
This is a full release of version 2 of the Header Tags For Novice. I decided to use only the major version number as it is easier to identify in the download file name, rather than the major.minor combination, although the changes made in this release is minor.

Here are the changes:

1. add a back button to return to the admin catalog box, as suggested by Talle;
2. make the product name clickable in header tags edit page, and links it to the product info page for that product name;
3. separate the installation instruction into 3 files: minimum, optional and (tips) for installing with STS, where the minimum installation instruction is essential and must be followed in order for the contribution to function.
4. correct some typos, and add the two missing png image files as well as a screenshot of header tags edit page.

- GemRock

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