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01-30-2007, 12:50 PM
URLGatekeeper is a simple script which assures that your store is only accessible via the domain name you specify. It's main application is for servers hosting multiple domains via DNS pointing & subdirectories. Store owners who may be hosting their shop on a main server, and using a DNS pointing service for the store domain will find it useful.

URLGatekeeper allows only URL's with the correct domain (www.YOURSTORE.com) to access files. If a non-specified (but valid) domain name / URL is used to access your catalog, the user will simply be redirected to the appropriate page using the approved domain. It features a JavaScript redirect which will overwrite the browser history, to avoid the dreaded 'back-forward' redirect loop. It also includes a redundant meta-refresh for browsers that may have JavaScript disabled, or for spiders, etc.

Should prevent search engines from displaying pages with the non-allowable URL.
May also redirect IP address access.

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