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01-29-2007, 02:50 AM
- v0.4 :

* Bug Fixed - The shipping address fix in v0.3.1 still didn't work well. PayPal tended to send back different address Names and capitalized state code, which caused the address checking fail in some cases. Re-wrote the address checking code and now if the address found in database, it will use the name in databse rather than the one PayPal sent back.
* Added a new file catalog/ec_shipping.php to cut down modifications in checkout_shipping.php to minimum. Now the Express Checkout Button flow changed to show only the EC button and a continue button (normal checkout flow) prior to shipping method selection.
* Changed express_checkout.php to pick up the order and shipping conditions prior to enable EC IPN module, for condition checkings to work properly.
* Added to reject shipping to a country different than the one registered in payer's PayPal account.
* Added multi-language support for IPN to load the customer's language file to be used with the notification email. (IPN bug fixed by Terra)
* All 16 'supported' currencies now enabled in the code.
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