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04-02-2006, 02:14 PM
Hey everybody. i just heard about this site today and it looks great. i have a question before i will install the OSCMAX CR2.

first. can i download the osmax v2 and the v2 patch to my desktop. then update(over) the osmax v2 with the patch and then upload to the server?
or ill have to upload it to the server and only then update the patch.

another question is about the bug tracker. do i need to look at all the posts and update my osmax with the ones that resolved. or do i wait for a patch from the admin?
i dont know anything about the bug system.

thank you all

04-02-2006, 05:35 PM
First of all - WELCOME!

RC2 is a Release Candidate #2 and such it is a work in progress....The security patch is NOT applied and none of the BUG fixes - as when we get most of them figured out we will release RC3 or possably the final. I know, I know it a pain.......(Which reminds me I need to get with Mike about that...)

Just a note: like most active people here - including the site owner and moderators (like me) - don't get paid for helping out here and we all have daytime jobs. So please keep things easy on us....We do as much as we can - when we can.

Just because it a RC does not mean you can't use it - it is STABLE version (when patched) that there are many sites using it just fine. However if you do have a problem please search the forums and apply any BUGTRACKER fixes that are suggested.

It is a much more stable and easier to add in orginal OSC contributions than the "other" loaded or forked versions of OSC (not to forget we have much more included with our release).

Download osCMac RC2 - copy the PATCH over it - manually apply the bugfixes. Install as normal. (Install in a localhost 'WAMP' is suggested untill you have your site the way you like - search this site for 'WAMP')

Test, backup, edit, repeat as needed.

There may be a few other "add-ins" that was made after RC1 was release that you may or may not want....most will be added in v3.0 RC1 (some are converted by your trully...me).

If your stuck then feal free to post a DETAILED message of the problem and error messages (with out details - we can't help and you may be ignored - not that we want to...).

Good Luck!

04-02-2006, 07:06 PM
Hi. First of all thanks alot for this reply.

So let me understand.

1- I need to download the WMAP to my computer.

2-I need to download osCMax v2.0 RC2 Full Installation Package (.zip)

3-I need to download the Patch to osCMax-2.0RC2-update051112 patch .

4-I need to copy and overwrite the files in the update051112 patch over the osCMax-2.0RC2.

5- I need to download the resolved bugs and manualy or copy and overwrite the files with the problems.

6-i need to install the WMAP in my computer and put the OSCMAX IN THERE. AND test it,( change template, design, configration and such....

7-Upload it to my Hosting.

SO THATS WHAT I NEED TO DO? Is the bug track site is only for oscmax v2?

Thanks for your help

04-02-2006, 08:29 PM
1 to 5 - YES.

6 - Optional (but you will love doing it like that!) - Great for when your not ready to have a live site - or don't have a domain yet etc....

7 - YES! And then run the install. If your doing step #6 - Backup your localhost Database in the ADMIN and (if possable zip it up) then upload the whole thing. (Unzip the file if you have access to.) RE-RUN the install (to configure your server settings) then login to the ADMIN (with the default user/admin) and "restore" the database.

Make sure you create a NEW ADMIN user and verify all is okay with loggin/out and access then CHANGE THE DEFAULT ADMIN user name and password (don't do untill you have another user ID that works - incase there is a problem).

There is a couple of fixes for 1.7 and most can be applied to 2.0 RC1 (but better off with RC2) The SECURITY PATCH is only for 2.0 RC1/RC2. The versions before 2.0 are not actively being upgraded/kept up to date (read - major security problems in the unpatched code).

The bugtracker was setup shortly after 2.0 RC1 came out. Apply all bug fixes after September 21, 2005 (when RC2 came out).

FYI: For Windows - WAMP not WMAP - (if you want to find OTHER version on the web....) or Linux LAMP or Mac MAMP....

*AMP packages put a Apache/MYSQL/PHP setup on your local PC (single install) - Much faster to work with than a remote server.....(most can be turned on/off easly)...if your behind a firewall - no one can see your "localhost" webserver anyway.

Have a great week!