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12-17-2005, 10:14 AM
Hi all,
I am trying to add a drown menu to the top of the page in addition to the side menu.
I would like to have the menus link to information pages that can be displayed within the main page.
Ie. When the site first opens the standard mainpage opens. Acroos the top is a dropdown menu bar that when a buton is clicked displays the information within the same are as the standard mainpage.

This must be possible as all the other information links do this however I want specific pages to load just from a dropdown top menu. alternatively is it possible to convert the Information section into a horizontal dropdown menu bar?

I was planning on using the Sothink DHTML menu creator application to creat my menus but not sure looking at the links how on earth I can combine it into Max2

Really would appreciate some pointers if not a full blown tutorial.

Thanks in advance

12-23-2005, 09:38 PM
Somthing working like "Shipping & Returns","Privacy Notice","Conditions of Use","Gift Voucher FAQ" etc... Clone/duplicate one of these and "rubber stamp" them for each of your SCREENS... then you can HARD code a drop down menu in the header to display these screens if you want.....

Do a search on this site on how to ADD an information page and how to add a hard link....(just grab the URL...)

Good Luck.


Good Luck