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12-09-2005, 09:23 PM
Hello everyone. Im new to the board and will hope you pardon my initial introduction being followed with a question/request.

I have been searching high and low for an ocS hybrid that comes 'feature packed'. Ive found several but, of course, it would appear that osCMax seems to be the leader in that pack.

There is one major feature, however, that continues to allude me.
Though Max does have a wishlist, it doesnt appear to have a registry.

The difference of a registry from a wish list is other people can look up your registry with your name and event (like a wedding, baby shower, etc) "WITHOUT" you having to send them the information (would that NOT sound a little presumptious?!).
Then they can see all the items in your registry that you chose and purchase them for you. Buying an item will update the registry, removing it from the list of requested items.

With the wish list I can pick something I want... send it to a few friends and hope one of them gets the hint. Indeed, they are similar, but cannot be considered the same. Both have their uses and both are very popular. When you hear someone say they are having a wedding and are registered at... I don't now.. say Dillards.. that means they have an electronic registry set up. NOT a wishlist. I go to Dillards (or dillards.com) enter their name (and password if its a PRIVATE registry) and occasion and scan until I find them.

I know Im circling here, but do you see the differance? For gift shops, its a crucial tool. Hence my need.

Now, I have found such a mod for osC here:

Is there any possibility that this could be ported to osSMax 2.x by someone 'in the know'? Hoping this to be the case, I have included its latest build as an attachement for sake of ease:

It would be highly appreciated and a wonderful addon.

Thank you for the consideration.


P.S. - (LOL) - I found a goodle ad on this VERY page after i posted this, taking you to a online registry. ;)