View Full Version : Help with changing left and right column background colours

12-02-2005, 01:14 AM
Can anyone tell me how many/what files are needed to add the new class="column" in as I've done about 4 that I could find as per the how to documentation, but my site still shows the original background colours. I made changes in templates/aaabox/main_page.tpl and templates/aaabox/stylesheet, fallout/articles_page.tpl, fallout/main_page.tpl. I looked in index.php, add_products.php, etc and I've searched through as many files in the catalog/includes, catalog/install, catalog/templates, catalog/FCKeditor as my poor eyes can handle, but cannot seem to find any more instances of the left or right columns code. I know they must be there, but man there are so many files to look through it gets daunting. I will start looking through the admin files tommorrow.

12-02-2005, 12:51 PM
:oops: It's amazing what a fresh pair of eyes will do for you after a good nights sleep. It seems that I forgot to upload my stylesheet and missed one file. Here are the files (I believe this is all of them) to save someone else from looking through everyone of the folders under the catalog directory: templates/aaabox/main_page.tpl and templates/aaabox/stylesheet, fallback/articles_page.tpl, fallback/main_page.tpl, catalog/affiliate_affiliateOrg.php. There are some in the admin folder, but I haven't started customizing them yet and it looks like only one column is used. Also keep in mind that I used the aaabox template, so I didn't check the other templates. :D