View Full Version : PayPal Shopping Cart IPN v3.1.5 and HTML BTS?

11-21-2005, 07:23 AM
Please help. I followed the great tutorial on here for PayPal IPN (an older version - i think 1.1) - and it all worked except for Showing USD (I want AUD only! - and yes i have setup AUD currency in my admin and in my paypal account) ... AND!!! it showed $0 - it didnt carry the shopping cart prices over! - so i'm lost there and have found no help on that issue.

But I did read that I should grab the contrib - PayPal Shopping Cart IPN v3.1.5... (support for AUD and credit card payments now)... having a quick look at the files i'm worried it might kill my store. Does it work with the HTML for the BTS - coz I've added that (and love it). Following the instructions on the contrib - dont relate to the files i have with HTML for BTS 1.1.

I have osCMax v2.0 RC2 installed by the way.

So anyone out there that knows how to make this contrib work coz i really wanna offer paypal and credit card purchasing!!

Please Please - oh pretty please, will someone help me!

(into my second week of discovering oscommerce and oscmax - never done anything like this before, learning bucket loads... its amazing - thanks to all who have put this together)