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11-19-2005, 04:00 AM
Hi People.
I have oscmax installed on my site.
I have tried uploading products and when i check the site it keeps showing errors.


1146 - Table 'web16_online_1.zones_to_geo_zones' doesn't exist

select sum(tax_rate) as tax_rate from tax_rates tr left join zones_to_geo_zones za on (tr.tax_zone_id = za.geo_zone_id) left join geo_zones tz on (tz.geo_zone_id = tr.tax_zone_id) where (za.zone_country_id is null or za.zone_country_id = '0' or za.zone_country_id = '222') and (za.zone_id is null or za.zone_id = '0' or za.zone_id = '0') and tr.tax_class_id = '0' group by tr.tax_priority

Please someone help me.
this is my site.


11-19-2005, 06:29 AM
Your installation did not complete successfully. Your database is missing the zones_to_geo_zones table. Open the sql file in the install directory and copy the sql that creates that table and adds the data, then using phpmyadmin, manually add the table by running the sql query on your database.