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11-07-2005, 11:32 AM
I have searched high and low for this answer and am having no luck.
When a customer purchease 1 product they are charged $6.95 for shipping. How do I set it up so that when a customer orders multiple items, they are charged $6.95 plus and additional $1.50 per item?

Currently when a customet purchases 2 or more items, the shipping charges are doubled!

Thank you

11-07-2005, 02:05 PM
You Want:

First Item $X, Additional Items $Y Shipping

This shipping module lets you specify the shipping cost for the first item,
then another cost for all additional items. For example, $5 for the first
item plus $2 for each additional item.

Basically, it's a Flat Rate that you specify, plus another Flat Rate for all
items after the first one.

It has two entry fields, one for the first item, one for additional items.
Just type in the rates. Easy!

It also has all the normal options that other shipping modules have, like
"Handling Fee" and "Zones."

Good Luck!