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11-04-2005, 04:37 PM
Hi Guys,

Always hate is when my first post someplace is a question like this, but man, am I stuck.

I've got oscMax 2.0rc2 running on a clean install with no mods to anything but the templates. UNIX server. Selling downloadable products, as ZIP files. Pub dir chmod 777, download dir set to 777. I've bypassed all the account functions, so I'm using only Purchase Without Account to try and keep things really simple for the buyers.

When I get to checkout_success.php and get offered the download link, clicking it results in a blank page instead of downloading the file.

Download settings are as follows:

Enable download true
Download by redirect true
Expiry delay (days) 7
Maximum number of downloads 5
Downloads Controller Update Status Value 100000
Downloads Controller Download on hold message <BR><font color="FF0000">NOTE: Downloads are not available until payment has been confirmed</font>
Downloads Controller Order Status Value 2

Any ideas here?? Have you guys seen this before?
The really weird thing is, yesterday after installing the software I bought a product and downloaded it. Now I can't. And I've only edited the /templates/fallback/ and main template files. No script files.

11-04-2005, 09:57 PM
OK, so it appears that you have to have created an account for the downloadable products to work. Once I created an account and purchased, then it worked fine. So downloadable products do not appear to work with Purchase Without Account. Has anyone seen this before and is there a known workaround?

11-06-2005, 07:36 AM
... also, what happens when there's a mix of downloadable products and tangible products in an order? Using the PayPal payment module, does the entire order get status set to "Delivered"? And, by following all the instructions for the Download Controller, it would seem that everything, tangible or no, that gets processed by the payment module would have status immediately set to "delivered", which would couse an order management problem. Does anyone out there have an oscMAX store that has addressed these things? I'm interested to hear your solutions.

11-29-2005, 07:49 PM
am trying to make the oscmax let users download files after payment but the link isnt showing up in the store. I have enable the download option in the admin section and set the default status as describe and I still dont see a link when the item is process and paid for. The attribute setting have been set as describe since everything in the store is dowloadable no products have weight. The file is available in the download folder. An even with an account made I still dont see the link so you doing better then I am.