View Full Version : Listing Manufacturer Link on Product Display

10-06-2005, 07:28 PM

I'm stuck on a data problem.

I replaced the small buy now button that shows up when listing products in a category with a button that just says "Manufacturers". This shows now in place of the buy now.

So far so good.

What I can not get for the life of me is how to have it link that button to the manufacturers URL. I've used this exact same code successfully on the products_info page, but it will not pull the value or products_url from the product_listing page. It pulls the name just fine which is in the products_desc but will not pull the url.

Here is the code:

lc_text = '<a href="http://' . $listing['products_url']. '" target="_new">' . $listing['products_url'] . tep_image_button('manufacture_now.gif') . '</a>';

Can anybody give me any clue as to why it will work on the products_info page but will not work on the products_listing page?

ANY help here would be GREATLY appreciated!