View Full Version : Part of file appearing at top of screen?

08-09-2005, 02:22 PM

At the top of every page I get:

ature. define('PRODUCTS_OPTIONS_TYPE_SELECT', 0); define('PRODUCTS_OPTIONS_TYPE_TEXT', 1); define('PRODUCTS_OPTIONS_TYPE_RADIO', 2); define('PRODUCTS_OPTIONS_TYPE_CHECKBOX', 3); define('TEXT_PREFIX', 'txt_'); define('PRODUCTS_OPTIONS_VALUE_TEXT_ID', 0); //Must match id for user defined "TEXT" value in db table TABLE_PRODUCTS_OPTIONS_VALUES // begin mod for Wishlist v2.2 define('MAX_DISPLAY_WISHLIST_PRODUCTS', '6'); // How many wishlist items to show per page on the main wishlist.php file define('MAX_DISPLAY_WISHLIST_BOX', '4'); // How many wishlist items to display in the infobox before it changes to a counter // end mod for Wishlist v2.2 ?>

It's a fresh install of osCmax (latest) on a fresh install of FC4.

Any ideas as to the problem? looked through forum to no avail