View Full Version : Redundant HTMLAREA menu items

06-24-2005, 06:30 PM

Now that the latest osCMax is using FCKeditor instead of HTMLAREA, it woud seem that the admin 'configuration/WYSIWYG Editor 1.7' menu item is mostly redundant, as the Basic/Advanced, Layout Width and Height and GLOBAL settings are no longer valid. I would prefer to remove this menu item entirely so as not to confuse store owners. Could you tell me how I would go about removing (or hiding) that link. I have done some research but it seems that the Configuration menu items work differently to the rest of the menu boxes.

The same redundancy applies of course to Article Manager / Configuration and the items that reference the old WYSIWYG editor settings. Could you also tell me how I might remove (or hide) those from the list as well.

Appreciate any help you can give.


06-24-2005, 06:51 PM
These will be updated in osCMax v2.0 final. This is a RELEASE CANDIDATE so you should NOT be using this version for anything other than testing. You should not be wasting any time modifying anything, since there will most likely be many code changes before 2.0 final.

HTMLAREA has not been fully removed yet, so the settings will remain until they are no longer needed anywhere in the codebase.