View Full Version : PHP has encountered a Stack overflow

06-21-2005, 08:45 AM
I keep running into these messages around

"PHP has encountered a Stack overflow"

Right now it on http://localhost/affiliate_affiliate.php above the shopping cart infobox, but I have seen this in other places. Does anyone know why these are appearing?

06-23-2005, 09:48 PM
By chance are you using Windows Server with IIS (there is alot of complaint with this about stack overflow)

This Error is NOT part of osCMax but it's your server.

Make sure you have PHP installed as ISAPI.

And here is the fix if you use ISAPI:

- Make sure your IIS application protection is on high/isolated.
- Add the ISAPI module to your ISAPI filter section.

You may want also check your server php.ini file....

look for "memory_limit" in there. What value does it have?

By default it should be 8MB (which may be a bit low).

Try increasing that to see if that fixes it.

Good Luck!

06-24-2005, 06:21 AM
Well, that was with IIS. The problem that I have though is when I run this through my Apache 2 server, I keep getting this messagebox at the end of every page request that says "Document contains no data." I have see this before in random places at random times, but with osCmax, it seems to occur on every page request.

I've looked into the problem a bit, and other people have had it on other PHP projects, but no one has a good explaination as to what causes it. It was reported in the bug tracker for PHP but because the bug is random, the PHP staff just closed the bug since it couldn't be reproduced.

Unfortunatly, if I do host an osCmax site, it will have to be under IIS, at least for now, because that's what all of our servers around here are running. Hopefully later this summer we will get a Linux box up and running.