View Full Version : affiliates ??? - working for you guys?

06-15-2005, 11:34 AM
I am testing this new version - when I try and sign-up to be an affiliate and fill in all the ingo - it never creates the account - it just sticks on the the screen with all the ingo - you hit continue and it just does nothing?

06-15-2005, 03:39 PM
What is ingo?

Please be more specific...

06-16-2005, 05:42 AM
info... try it if you have new version installed...
try to sign-up as an affiliate... from the front end... After your populate all the info and try to hit continue - it doesn't got anywhere - it never says thanks you for creating you accoutn...


06-16-2005, 07:20 AM
It works fine when I test it.

Please post your php, mysql, apache versions.

Do other account creation pages work, like new customer area?

06-16-2005, 07:29 AM
The regular create account function works fine...
I am running this off localhost...

mysql - 4.017 - windoes
apache - 1.3.29
php - 4.3.5rc1

You think I may need to update smething...?

06-16-2005, 07:40 AM

I just tested it again and I see the problem. I was testing the wrong thing. The bug has been logged into the bugtracker. I will be looking into this today.

06-16-2005, 07:42 AM
Kool - I thought it was just me! :}
Other that thia I have come across no bugs...
I will do somemore testing and keep you posted...

I tries to fix using some of the newer file from newer versins of affiliated bt I was causing more hard than good...

Thanks Again

07-26-2005, 10:55 AM
What follows is my original post, and it is completely wrong. See the answer here instead: 003: Cannot set up new affiliate account - Bug Tracker - open source Commerce Maximized :: osCMax (http://bugtrack.oscmax.com/view.php?id=3)

Can't find the bug tracker, but the problem is in file: includes/modules/affiliate_account_details.php

at line 444 change:

echo tep_draw_pull_down_menu('state', $zones_array);


echo tep_draw_pull_down_menu('a_state', $zones_array);

and line 446 change:

echo tep_draw_input_field('state');


echo tep_draw_input_field('a_state');

then at line 459 change:

<td class="main">  <?php echo tep_get_country_list('country',$a_country,'onChang e="return refresh_form(affiliate_signup);"') . ' <br>' . (tep_not_null(ENTRY_COUNTRY_TEXT) ? '<span class="inputRequirement">' . ENTRY_COUNTRY_TEXT . '</span>': ''); ?></td>


<td class="main">  <?php echo tep_get_country_list('a_country',$a_country,'onCha nge="return refresh_form(affiliate_signup);"') . ' <br>' . (tep_not_null(ENTRY_COUNTRY_TEXT) ? '<span class="inputRequirement">' . ENTRY_COUNTRY_TEXT . '</span>': ''); ?></td>

That's all...


07-26-2005, 11:00 AM
Uh, I found the bugtracker... took sleuthing skills of an idiot, but I found it... hehehe... guess this was already fixed... thanks