View Full Version : oscmax shop front end with html coolcart.com shopping cart?

03-05-2005, 02:43 PM
I am just wondering if anyone has ever or knows how to go about. Setting up oscmax to use an outside shopping cart.

My problem is that the checkout method is not very efficient for my type of product. I keep getting questions about shipping to a different address than who is buying the product. Such as a gift.

My target audienve also is also an older and less technically inclined crowd. So I would like to use a simple order form and checkout process. Where the customer can enter there billing address, And either check a checkbox for the same shipping address or enter another shipping address on the same page.

They then would select there payment method and they are taken to another page where they either enter there credit card details or are sent to pay-pal for payment.

I have never once had a customer login to there account. And also the current method appears to be confusing for my customers.

I Do however love the product management and front end of oscmax.

So could I modify the checkout process to use coolcart.com

They would handle all customer info and the customer info on the oscmax database would be no longer in use. Only the product management for the front end.

I am just looking for any info on what may be involved in this?

Thanx in advance for any info.

03-11-2005, 02:07 PM
Never mind on this. Got a great new contribution that makes the account creation seem like part of the checkout procedure. Very nice.

The contribution can be found at


To get to work with oscmax just take the html part of the install and move to your template file.

Very nice.