View Full Version : new shipping module ?

01-12-2005, 10:21 PM
hey can some one make a contribute for OSC Max that has a new shipping module that gives different prices for different product weight or for different product prices ?
cause I have an account with wholesalemarketer.com and I got all the warehouse that supplies me with their products to sell online to make a bit of a profit from.
and each warehouse has a different shipp Fee for each warehouse.
so I was wondering if some could make a shipping module that allows us to have multi shipping fees for different weights and different product prices.
so we can use it for either by weight for different shipping fees or use for by price for different shipping fees.
and all you have to do is set it up in admin area for weight range value and then add shipping and handling fee for that range.
same for by price calculation.

this would be very usefull for wholesale resellers like my self.

and how about a ip & isp recorder that grabs the customers ip & isp address at checkout and stores it in admin in the orders section and it prints it out on the customers slip.

this would be usefull for fruad buyers to submit their ip and ips address to www.fruad.org to those that use a fake or stolen credit cardit/debit card .

and how about a module that allows us to make a fresh new page for membership signups and stuff .
so we can accpet membership and put a fee on it so we can sell our products at wholesale to a paid members ?

I bet you probley heard these questions before but I thought I ask any way.

thanks agin for your help :)