View Full Version : CE Phoenix v1.0.3.0

10-25-2019, 08:39 AM
CE Phoenix v1.0.3.0This release introduces a number of key improvements:

the foundations of a bootstrapped admin (more to follow...)You've asked for it, and now it's coming...
revamped categories/products page in admin with product tabs and pre-placed hookssupports adding product fields and other content with no core code changes
much improved checkout pages layout with pre-placed hooksmakes the checkout flow so much easier and better for your customers
modernisation of Reviews system
new Password Forgotten module
flags for inactive modules in adminyou can see at a quick glance what is turned on and off
removal of deprecated code, redundant pages, functions and featuresLeaner = Simpler = Faster

As well as fixing bugs and introducing other minor code improvements...
Thank you to all who made v1.0.3.0 a possibility - especially to Phoenix Club members who have given lots of advice and direction for the way forward. If you'd like to have input on the next release, join the Phoenix Club (https://forums.oscommerce.com/clubs/1-phoenix/) and become a Supporter. Supporters receive professionally coded modules once or twice a month, which are plug'n'play and will extend your shop in ways you never thought possible.

More... (https://www.oscommerce.com/Us&News=158)