View Full Version : Call For Price when cost is £0

02-26-2018, 08:15 AM
This is a simple update to get "Call for Price working on EdgeBS. Still need work as Specials must never be £0.00 and New products must be off to work.
Also has optional code to move buy button to top of page below price. This is useful when you have a long product description as button ends up at bottom of page. You can add the top button and leave the one at the bottom, or comment it out.
It’s not an add-on in the true sense. You will need to edit files so be careful. As always Backup Backup Backup!!!

It not perfect but will get you going in Edge. Work to do, add to specials ( although I don't see the point as you would never have a product as £0 and have it on offer?)
Also I don't use the New products part so have not done that. Just turn it of in admin.

Would be a lot more user friendly as a true add-on in admin letting users turn it on or off, but that's one for the wish list.

More... (https://apps.oscommerce.com/Y8F4e)