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05-29-2017, 10:58 AM
Added IP Tracking to the keyword tool.
Added a new page to display links using model numbers.
Added am option to enable the html editor, if installed, for manufacturers.
Added an additional words option for the products.
Fixed the character counter in Page Control so it displays correctly on page load.
Fixed the code for adding pseudo pages. Uses a common function to control all of the pages.
Fixed the keyword search to work with assigned words.
Fixed some security holes.
Changed the test function to check for missing category and manufacturer descriptions.
Changed the install and uninstall files to be more generic and to allow for deleting the files after use.
Changed code throughout for speed improvements.
Corrected mistake in admin/manufacturers.php.
Corrected mistake in index.php.
Corrected mistake in admin/includes/functions/header_tags.php that prevented titles and tags from showing on some pages.
Corrected mistake in admin/includes/functions/header_tags_general.php that prevented the breadcrumb text from showing - found by member milerwan.
Corrected mistake in install instructions for admin changes - found by IWAS.
Corrected mistake in includes/header_tags.php that prevented product titles from showing when the "Use Item Name on Page" was used.
Corrected mistake in the admin test section that incorrectly reported missing files.
Optimized the css file for speed and to use the shops fonts.
Removed the need for filename definitions in admin.
Removed the ssl check for the keywords module in the footer.
Removed STS checking code.

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