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03-24-2017, 05:52 AM
Based on: osCommerce Community Add-Ons (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8057)

Compatible with 2.3.4 BS Community Edge 1/2017 and older.

Update Version 6.4 BS:
- replaced 'NONSSL' parameter by $request_type variable to ensure correct connection type for SSL. Thanks to @crimble crumble

Update version 6.3 BS

- cleaned up the installation instructions, added missing step 3, language definitions for button in categories.php.
- added note to step 5, shopping cart page, to avoid duplicating the content module call.
- fixed undefined errors in admin/optional_related_products.php. (only visible with error reporting set to "all") Thanks to @Bonbec for the report
- fixed undefined errors in product info and shopping cart modules. (only visible with error reporting set to "all")
- added missing language definition to language files for delete confirm message in admin/optional_related_products.php
- renamed "MODULE_CONTENT_RELATED_PRODUCTS_SHOW_THUMBS" constant in product info and shopping cart module to avoid using the same constant for both modules.

Update Version 6.2 BS:
- Hardcoded paths for compatibility with latest 2.3.4 BS EDGE version (2016_09)
- Fix for sql error if product name is disabled for admin. Thanks to @Omar_one
- Added correct sort order for all listings depending if product_name, product_model or both are used
- Fixed correct table heading depending if product_name, product_model or both are used
- Added to optional related page install alert and install button for required product info module if not installed.
- language file clean up

Update Version 6.1r2 BS:
- Fix for duplicate _/p_ tag if product name and no model was used in product info page and shopping cart modules.

Update Version 6.1r1 BS:
- Removed left over closing _/div_ tag from product info page modules. Thanks to @Omar_one

Update Version 6.1 BS:
- Added admin/box file and language files for less core changes. Thanks to @f.figue

Update Version 6.0 BS:
- Added "Delete Orphans" option to remove empty relations of deleted products
- Added shopping cart module
- all filenames and database table names hardcoded
- Replaced all $HTTP_GET_VARS, $HTTP_POST_VARS with $_GET, $_POST.
- admin/optional_related_products.php complete rewritten with optimized sql queries and general code clean up.
- database install/update/remove queries integrated in product info module
- related products functions integrated in product info module
- separate admin/sql_setup_related_products.php removed
- separate related products functions file removed
- 2.3.4 standard support removed

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