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05-23-2016, 01:23 AM
Live Chat add-on for your website. Chat with your website visitors, monitor website traffic and provide better customer support.

Stop losing your hesitant customers! Install onWebChat module in less than a minute, provide better customer support and have happy customers.

onWebChat live chat add-on for osCommerce provides an easy way to integrate your osCommerce website with our innovative live chat system.

Chat with your website visitors in real-time in just one click, monitor your website traffic and maximize your conversions with triggers.

We offer 100% free plan available forever. Plus, you get 1-month free trial of Premium plan with sign up!

Start now! It takes less than a minute, just install onWebChat add-on and sign up for our service: https://www.onwebchat.com

onWebChat Live Chat Features & Benefits

- Fully customizable live chat widget (colors, size, position, texts)
- Real time visitor monitoring - keep track of your visitors
- Triggers - automatically initiate chat with visitors
- Operators can start chat with any visitor
- Transfer chats between operators
- Geolocation data of visitors
- Block/unblock visitors
- Text shortcuts (canned responses)
- Send emoticons
- Full chat transcript history
- Send chat transcript to email
- Multiple operators
- Install chat widget on multiple websites
- Chat widget language customization
- Sound / Desktop notifications
- Sound notification for new visitors
- Offline form, when you are not online
- Pre-Chat form
- Hide/show live chat widget on mobiles
- Easy File Sharing with your visitors
- SSL/Data security
- Free plan available forever!

onWebChat live chat improves customer satisfaction, and allows them to:

Talk with you directly with no cost
Send you a message when you are offline
No need to open external application - chat inside your webpages
Send/get files very easy using live chat widget
Your customers will love it!

You need any assistance? Feel free to chat with us on onWebChat.

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