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05-06-2016, 11:59 AM
- Added check for show flags back in (was removed in previous version by mistake).
- Added an option to disable country blocking for the search engines.
- Added code to check for intrusion attacks. The "Is Hacker" color is used to show such links.
- Added code to check which fields are returned for the IP data to only report those present.
- Added an option to check for unreleased changes.
- Added an option to allow external checking for block countries - separate for both shop and admin.
- Added a new button on the country blocking page to make changing the countries easier.
- Added a "Ban IP" button to the fast clicks reprot.
- Added additional help files per users requests.
- Changed how the IP is obtained. Now matches what block countries uses.
- Changed instructions for left column change.
- Changed code in includes.modules/view_counter.php to remove some php warnings - reported by member stefan21.
- Changed how banned IP's are checked to prevent IP from causing a problem.
- Changed how the block countries code works. It now uses an internal function to get the country name.
- Changed IP Count report to show flag and mouseover IP details.
- Changed Referrer report to show flag and mouseover IP details.
- Fixed problem in the hacker checking code that prevented it from displaying the correct colors.
- Fixed a number of minor coding and text mistakes.
- Reduced redundant code, which improved the speed of the code.
- Removed the API Key setting since it is no longer used.
- Renamed the block countries option for admin to check countries, which is more accurate.

This is a full package.

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