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04-04-2016, 11:27 AM
- Added opensearch.php to the exclude files list.
- Added a delete all keywords button to the keywords section in admin.
- Added an option to use the model number in the breadcrumb without having to fill in the breadcrumb field.
- Added the missing class: hts_listing_see_more.
- Added a delete option for invalid pages. This can break the shop if the wrong file is deleted so use with care.
- Added a Page Top module - BS only.
- Added code to remove quotes from title, alt title and meta description tags. Quick fix from a previous version removed.
- Added a stats section to the header of Page Control to provide a quick view of possible problems.
- Changed the code in the Navigation module to display the Page Top text.
- Changed the social bookmark code to use a local file for plusone instead of downloading it from google.
- Changed format of og:locale meta tag - found by Roaddoctor.
- Changed code in admin/includes/functions/header_tags.php for error on some servers - found by nandima.
- Changed pseudo code to use an external file instead of being added into the includes/header_tags.php file.
- Changed the hardcoded references of NONSSL to use $request_type to work with shops using full ssl.
- Fixed coding mistake in includes/headertags_seo_tagcloud_footer.php - found by Roaddoctor.
- Fixed a logic mistake that was causing a harmless error to be displayed - found by Roaddoctor.
- Fixed a missing div in the logo file for BS versions - found by blaine 109.
- Removed an extra apostrophe in admin/headertags_seo.php - found by Demitry
- Removed unnecessary code in the specials section of includes/header_tags.php - found by dinopacha.

The support thread for Header Tags SEO is at

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