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03-25-2016, 08:03 AM
Changes in Shop By Price v4.4
- Fixed undefined constant and variable errors.

Changes in Shop By Price v4.3
- Added configuration setting to box and content module to switch queries from "faster" to "more compatible"
for stores using complicate tax set-up.

Changes in Shop By Price v4.2
- Function format0 moved to modules: no core changes in currencies class any more.
- Added support for optional decimal price ranges.

Changes in Shop By Price v4.1
- Fix for using both modules, box module in list mode.
- Removed not needed align entry in header content modul.

New Features in Shop By Price v4.0
- Shop by price box updated to 2.3.4 BS version.
- Added Shop by price header module for 2.3.4 BS.
- All configuration entries added to the modules
- Search in categories and manufactures added
- Multi currency support
- Price ranges entry for each currency added to the modules
- Show prices with tax query improved
- Language files cleaned up
- spanish and german language files added
- shop_by_price.php updated for 2.3.4 BS
- filenames and database table names hardcoded
- all sql installation queries included in the modules

Full Package
Update Instructions included

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