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02-02-2016, 08:31 PM
This contribution allows you the option to hide your site from everyone, displaying only a 503 Site Temporarily Down for Maintenance status page, while you are able to access and view your site to do technical work or install upgrades from your own IP.

And, when your server or hosting company conducts maintenance, your visitors will see a custom 503 Error page with your store name instead of the standard, basic server response page.

This feature is also ideal if you site was hacked or has a vulnerability that requires it to be offline for fixes and security modifications.

1) it gives your customers confidence that your site is not down for good and out of business

2) it eliminates customer confusion and security breach risks along with potential legal issues resulting from site operations continuity when dealing with a hacking breach

3) it gives you peace of mind in confronting issues that cause your site to be offline

4) it projects the professionalism of an established business

website_maintenance.php is the new page added and it is a simple page with no links, graphics, or any other calls to other files. The CSS is on-page and you should not add a logo image file because with a 503 Error no files will be retrieved from the server. You may edit the CSS to change the font and background as you like. However, even with CSS, you should not use a background image because it will not display during an actual 503.

This contribution should work fine with all versions of osCommerce. And, the added page will resize for mobile browsers.

There are a couple of other Down for Maintenance contribution that are a bit different than this one. So, please review those as well so that you can make the right choice of what's best for your shop.

No database changes, only 1 new file, and 2 simple steps.

This is the full package.

More... (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9433)