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10-30-2015, 04:22 PM
I couldn't get the compressed package below 21M so I had to split it to 8 RAR files because the upload limit here is 3M. Because I can only upload .zip, .tar.gz or .gz I had to ZIP each RAR file as well...

You need to download all 8 ZIP files, put them in the same directory and then unpack all of them.
When you done that you can unpack jQuery Advanced Order Handler 2.3 Rev4.part01.rar and you should get the full directory with the Add-On.

New Features and changes in Revision 4

• 'Hold Search' - New button which can be used if you want more than one filter to your search, e.g. searching for orders from customers named Adam that also has order status Pending.
• New Row/Order Tools - Get a modal with a list of all purchased products from customer
• New Row/Order Tools - Link to customers page of customer
• New Row/Order Tools - List all orders from selected customer
• New Row/Order Tools - Quick comments - Quickly get a tooltip with all order comments
• Order Management - Make Table Rows Sortable
• Order Management - Minimize Navbar Size
• Order Management - Unlock Top/Bottom Navbar Buttons for repositioning
• Added accounting.js to help parse Numbers _=_ Currency
• AmCharts and AmMaps are now both annotatable and can be exported to PNG, JPG, SVG and PDF.
• AmMap - Animated Javascript Maps with Geographical data from your orders where you can both check orders for individual postal codes/delivery cities or get the data as a heat map with stronger color for regions with more sales
• Automatic configuration of accounting.js
• Automatic selection when clicking elements with the select_me class
• Autosize.js - Comment field _textarea_ will now automatically resize when you write
• Back/Forward buttons in browser will now take you to prev/next order filter/search term
• Barcode generation on invoices - Order number will be present as a scannable barcode. Default code type is Code128, other alternatives are Code39, Code25 and Codabar. It can be changed to Vertical Orientation and different thickness and sizes; fore more info see How To Create Barcodes in PHP | David Scott Tufts (http://davidscotttufts.com/2009/03/31/how-to-create-barcodes-in-php/)
• Comment field can now optionally be displayed in a collapsed jQuery Accordion to save space.
• Comments field - automatic positioning of cursor.
• Create new account on 'Add new record'
• Cursor will automatically be placed in the correct spot on textarea
• Debug Menu
• Default template for textarea which adds 'Hello [Customers_name]' and Signature block
• Fixed Firefox CSS bug that prevents table cell borders to be displayed
• Fixed row selecting bug
• Improved Bootstrap style/look for order details
• jQuery-UI Theme (optional)
• Locale Support for 29 languages
• Many new ways to filter orders, e.g. search multiple order numbers, orders with specific product, specific customers_id
• More Search modes
• More table fields
• New 'Advanced Statistics' - AmCharts generated Yearly/Monthly/Daily graphs with
• Average Order Total per Order
• Average Orders per Customer
• Average Purchased Products per Order
• Customers Average Age
• Customers with 0 orders
• New Male/Female Customers
• Total New Customers
• New calculation of order totals - The order totals will now be calculated in a way very similar to if a customer would checkout the order on the catalog side. this will (probably) fix problems for most who encountered errors in calculation of order totals when changing the order.
• New look for the Right Click Context Menu
• New Optional Compact Layout
• New Search Option - Configurable Min/Max Order Totals
• New Table Field - Customers Age and Date of Birth as Tooltip
• New Table Field - Number (%) of Returned Orders (or other order status)
• New Table Field - Number of Orders from Customer
• Pick list Generated on batch printing invoices
• Quick change Payment/Shipping Methods
• Quick Select Order Status from table
• Quick Select Payment Method from table
• Quick Select Shipping Method from table
• Quotable comments - Click the quote symbol next to the comment to automatically add it as a quote.
• Quotable comments - Right click on order comments to copy them as 'Quoted'
• Revert Menu for column setup
• Right Click Menu - Make ellipsis off columns with long text
• Right click on address field and automatically copy formatted to clipboard ¡Flash Free! Only works in recently updated browsers
• Saved User Data - List and Delete Cookies and data saved in localStorage
• Search History - Previous searches will be saved to memory and accessible from a modal
• Show products left in stock when adding products
• Show warning if products quantity _ 0
• Smoother Animation when expanding Order
• Sortable Table Columns - both horizontally and vertically.
• Stock Update - Stock quantity will properly be updated on any modification to the order.
• Tooltip with latest Search Filter when you hover over the 'Order Handler Rev4' logo
• Two new Add new Customer options - when creating new order - order fields from your create_account.php will automatically be fetched and incorporated to the form.
• Warning Filtration System - Highlight rows that satisfy filter rule, e.g. Customers Birthday within ± n days
• When changing shipping and/or payment method the order totals will be recalculated accordingly, just like it would be a new order made on catalog side.

More... (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9055)